Sandra Rupp's Davos CEO Pledge "The Yin & Yang of Leadership"


Posted on: January 20, 2013

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QUOTE “As the winds blow cold in Davos, DAVOS WOMAN is ready to roll.” ~ Sandra Rupp @ExecCareerCoach

UPDATE: THIS VIDEO WAS A TOP 10 VIDEO on TWITTER for #WEF World Economic Forum per Eventifier.

Sandra Rupp is delighted to share her 1st VIDEO celebrating Davos 2013. The theme this year for World Economic Forum is RESILIENT DYNAMISM. Sandra is on the THINKERS 50 Guru Radar list for the World’s Top Business Thinkers. She is Thought Leader, Speaker, Advisor on “The Yin & Yang of Leadership.” She was a selected entrant in the Davos Debates in 2011. In 2012 her Davos Video Question to World Leaders was #1 in YouTube Votes on the Davos Channel and a Top Video on Twitter all week during World Economic Forum. STAY TUNED. Media/Contact: Follow her tweets @ExecCareerCoach and find all videos at CLICK TO VIEW HER FIRST VIDEO MESSAGE for RESILIENT DYNAMISM 2013:

Her purple blog photo was a Top PHOTO on Twitter for search “Davos” and #WEF on Day One. NEXT POSTS: her VIDEO QUESTIONS for SPECIFIC CEOs and LEADERS including WPP Group, Citigroup and Unilever.

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COMING SOON to Amazon in DVD/Video: Sandra Rupp was placed on THINKERS50 Guru Radar List for the world’s top business thinkers.

Sandra Rupp, Parthenon Advisors

To BOOK SANDRA RUPP for Executive Coaching or Videos visit

CLICK Sandra Rupp asks her CEOs, Financial Times, Fast Company Watchers WHAT to Wear at DAVOS

Sandra Rupp #DavosWoman, Dress by Analili, Miami

VIEWERS IN 65+ COUNTRIES: The Davos Woman CEO Challenge (now CEO Pledge)

Executive/Anchor Sandra Rupp

Executive Coach & Anchor CLICK TO VIEW

FINANCIAL TIMES Alphaville “Introducing the priceless Sandra Rupp”

#DavosWoman 2015

Click to view #DavosWoman 2015

NEW: How Many Doves will UNILEVER CEO Paul Polman Bring to Davos?

Executive & Anchor Sandra Rupp

CLICK to 5 Questions to CEO Paul Polman

New Video TRADING PLACES with DAVOS CEOs 2016 Subscribe Now

Sandra Rupp, Executive & Anchor

Sandra Rupp, Executive & Anchor

Sandra Rupp

Sandra Rupp

Executive & Anchor: 5 Questions to CEOs #Davos to #CannesLions

Now Watched in 65 COUNTRIES: Sandra Rupp is an Executive, Advisor & Global Anchor on THE ART OF 21st CENTURY CAREER NAVIGATION and THE YIN & YANG OF LEADERSHIP. Coming Soon to Amazon, Sandra was placed on the THINKERS50 Guru Radar list for the world's top business thinkers. Published in the FINANCIAL TIMES Alphaville in 2015 with "Introducing the priceless Sandra Rupp," she aims to help get 30% Women to the World Economic Forum. Sandra has launched a Davos CEO Pledge and a 5 Questions to CEOs Series "Conscious Cap Meets ET," one of her first mentors was the Creator of ET. She has also been inspired by a Global Digital Chairman.

Subscribe to all Videos @CareerExpert on YouTube and @ExecCareerCoach on Twitter. In 2011 the World Economic Forum placed her on the cover of the Davos Debates Video when she stated "Investing in & Empowering The Feminine Leadership Style is the largest economic opportunity worldwide." She has had Top Videos from #Davos to #Thinkers50 to #CannesLions to #Augusta, and is changing both the look & feel of leadership. Sandra has an MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern and studied International Business & Art at Oxford. She stands 6 Ft in her Jimmy Choos & would love to win a prize at Cannes Lions. Watch her on Smart TV. Executives, Media, Companies, Sponsors: contact her at STAY TUNED.

CLICK Sandra is CHANGING The Look & Feel of Leadership with Tweets & Videos

Sandra Rupp @CareerExpert on YouTube

Executive Advisor & Media Interviewer #CannesLions

VIDEO SERIES: 5 Questions for CEOs including Sir Martin Sorrell & CEO Muhtar Kent

5 Questions to Sir Martin Sorrell

Anchor/Advisor Sandra Rupp's 5 Questions for Sir Martin Sorrell


Executive Coach & Global Anchor Sandra Rupp


Click to View Sandra’s 5 Questions for IMRAN KHAN

Global Anchor Sandra Rupp

Global Anchor Sandra Rupp reveals her 5 Questions for Imran

PARTHENON ADVISORS: Click to learn about how to work with Sandra Rupp

Click to website

Click to website

RSVP: THE DAVOS CEO PLEDGE 2016-17 with Executive Anchor Sandra Rupp

NEW The Davos CEO Pledge

The Davos CEO Challenge is now THE DAVOS CEO PLEDGE

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WHO WON THE DAVOS CEO CHALLENGE IN 2015? How Many Ladies Did Top CEOs Bring to WEF?

Sandra Rupp Davos Woman CLICK TO VIEW

Executive Coach Sandra Rupp Announces CEO Winner 2015

Happy Birthday Davos Woman VIEWERS in 65 Countries #Thinkers50 #WEF #CannesLions


Executive & Anchor Sandra Rupp discusses WHAT DOES LEADERSHIP LOOK LIKE TO YOU?

MEET the 5 Davos CEOs with POWER to get More Women to World Economic Forum

Executive Sandra Rupp in Jimmy Choos

CLICK TO VIEW: Sandra puts on her Jimmy Choos to get Women to Davos

Click Sandra’s GATES CANNES CHIMERA VIDEO: to eliminate poverty off the planet

Sandra Rupp, Parthenon Advisors Enters Gates Cannes Chimera


Beautiful or Average? Why Sandra wants to Consult to Paul Polman & Give Dove a Creative Makeover

Click to View

Click to View

Sandra Rupp Anchor/Advisor #CannesLions

Sandra Rupp, Anchor/Advisor #CannesLions

BILDERBERG 2015: Executive Anchor Sandra Rupp Invites Leaders to Interview

Executive Anchor Sandra Rupp


BILDBERBERG 2015 Evening Gown Video

Sandra Rupp, Executive Anchor

Sandra Rupp, Executive Anchor

She suggested this topic as a Co-Chair for her Kellogg Alumni Northwestern Univ. Reunion

Conscious Capitalism at Kellogg Reunion

Sandra was in the very 1st class that Business Week Ranked #1

Conscious Capitalism Meets ET: Sandra Rupp helps Unilever CEO on India

Click to View

Her RESILIENT DYNAMISM Davos Video was a TOP Video on Twitter for #WEF per Eventifier. Click to her Thanks + Giving Video

Click to View #DavosWoman

Sandra Rupp, Davos 2013 Videos

NEW: Who Would She Invite to a Florida Dinner Party?

Coming Soon: the DVD

Anchor Sandra Rupp Answers 20 QUESTIONS!

Sandra Rupp was placed on the Cover of the Davos Debates Video in 2011. She has been recording Videos ever since.

Sandra Rupp is THE FEMININE LEADER VOICE & aims to get 30% Women & herself to Davos with the help of her Favorite CEOs.

Sandra filmed this Davos Challenge Highlights Video in 2013


Sandra launches Davos Challenge to CEOs to bring 2 lady delegates

Cannes Lions SUMMER UPDATE: Sandra Rupp is The Feminine Leader Voice


CLICK TO VIEW Which 2 CEOs responded & added Ladies to CEO TEAMS?

Follow Sandra on Twitter @ExecCareerCoach

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG & YouTube: Sandra’s Digital Assets are Across the Web

Sandra Rupp @CareerExpert

Sandra plans to get 30% Ladies to DAVOS! She is "Rebranding Leadership." Yin + Yang

How Warren Buffett INSPIRED The Davos CEO Challenge & Silicon Valley, FT & WSJ are Helping!

Sandra Rupp Video


LADY IN GREEN: Sandra Rupp asks AUGUSTA members to Admit Women: 4 months later THEY DID

Click to view videos

@ExecCareerCoach, Speaker, Writer

Sandra Rupp Talks #Davos 2014 & Gates CANNES CHIMERA


CLICK TO VIEW Attention Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates



Placed on THINKERS 50 Guru Radar List for the world's Top Business Thinkers from 2011-2013, Sandra Rupp is an Executive, Leadership Advisor, Media Presenter & Interviewer. Her Videos have been tops on Twitter for #WEF #Davos #CannesLions and #Augusta. She is Founder of Parthenon Advisors and Thought Leader on "The Yin & Yang of Leadership." In 2011 she stated to World Economic Forum that "Investing in & Empowering The Femininine Leadership Style the largest economic opportunity worldwide." They placed her on the cover of the Davos Debates Video of Selected Entrants. Sandra's passion is helping people and companies create a brighter 21st century future. She is the Anchor/Host of "The Art of 21st Century Career Navigation" now on SmartTV: Sandra is @CareerExpert on YouTube. Also connect with her on Angel List at and at Sandra has an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern & studied International Business & Art at Oxford. She is a Brand Ambassador for Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability & Inclusion. Support her with a Vote in 2015 at

Click to View her NEW YEAR VIDEO

Executive Anchor Sandra Rupp

Executive & Anchor Sandra Rupp

Why I Need Unilever CEO Paul Polman & Imran Khan Chair of PTI to Help Me Get Doves to Davos

Executive Anchor Sandra Rupp

CANNES LIONS 2012 Sandra had Top Videos on Twitter for “Cannes Lions” all week

Look for new #CannesLions videos!

Sandra Rupp is The Feminine Leader Voice

World Economic Forum 2011: How Can We Drive Inclusive Growth & Prosperity?

Sandra Rupp in The Davos Debates 2011 Video

Sandra Rupp, DAVOS Selected Finalist- Click to View

CLICK TO VIEW Sandra’s 10 KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS of 2012: Her Holiday Video went viral!

Sandra Rupp, Holiday VIDEO

Sandra Rupp, CareerExpert on YouTube

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