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UNILEVER CEO Paul Polman is one of the world’s most admired CEOs for his leadership on Sustainability. IMRAN KHAN of Pakistan is one of the most influential people in the world per Time Magazine and the Asia Society.  Executive & Anchor Sandra Rupp was placed on the THINKER50 Guru Radar List for the world’s top business thinkers & aims to interview both of them on camera. Here she explains why she has chosen two of her favorite Davos Men to help her get more Doves to Davos.

In terms of your Leadership style, are you a Hawk or a Dove? Did you know that it is the Highly Sensitive of any species that are the key to survival? Do you have the gene for High Sensitivity or High Sensation Seeking? Some of the most dynamic CEOs and Leaders in the world I have met have both genes, because they know how to take risks but also manage risk. Click here to take both Tests. Read this post by Dr. Elaine Aron at  to learn more. I am a Highly Sensitive Leader (a Dove), and I believe we need more Doves at World Economic Forum to help tackle the most pressing issues of the decade including Income Inequality, the Gender Gap and Terrorism. I am inviting Paul Polman, Imran Khan & other leaders to help me.

Now with viewers in over 65 Countries, Sandra Rupp is inviting CEOsLeaders to interview with her on camera either virtually or in person in a Smart TV Series “Five Questions to World Leaders.” Contact: and In 2011 she was placed on the cover of the Davos Debates Video by the World Economic Forum and asked CEOs & Leaders a video question on Innovation & Jobs. In 2015 the Financial Times Alphaville published her Davos Woman Video. She is a top Executive Coach & Anchor, MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern and studied International Business & Art at Oxford. She is asking Leaders to bring two female delegates to Davos. STAY TUNED


Sandra Rupp is delighted to launch her 5 QUESTIONS for CEOs & Leaders SERIES on with IMRAN KHAN, one of the most influential people in the world per Time Magazine and the Asia Society. 

Sandra “unveils” her 5 Questions for the Oxford-educate Pakistan politician, friend of the late Princess Diana, and retired cricket sportsman. Special Welcome to her new Pakistani, Indian, Saudi & Muslim followers around the globe. If YouTube is blocked in your country, click here to Daily Motion

 IMRAN KHAN most recently conducted the AZADI (Freedom) MARCH, the largest peaceful protest for Democracy for what he calls the creation of Naya Pakistan (new Pakistan). Citing a need for Electoral Reform, it lasted over 100 Days. Through his dharnas (peaceful demonstrations) Imran drew very large crowds (over 40,000 people attended on November 30th), as he raises global awareness of poverty, sustainability and peaceful resolutions to war. Imran has had dharnas for Women, Young People and People with Disabilities. He has four sisters, and he is putting the same skills he had for building his Cancer hospitals, IK Foundation and College (click to read more) to work to wipe out an overwhelming poverty rate.

Did you know about 28% of the world is currently Muslim? Sandra believes it is important to build a bridge with Muslims to create better relations between the West and all Muslims. Sandra knows democracy: she is an 11th Great Great Granddaughter of Reverend William Brewster the Mayflower Pilgrim and like Imran spent time studying at Oxford.   To see more videos of Imran and Sandra click this Playlist  Sandra was placed on the THINKERS 50 Guru Radar list for her Thought Leadership on “The Yin & Yang of Leadership.” She aims to interview him on behalf of Western Media. She also asks Imran to unblock YouTube, and she has tweeted Pope Francis @Pontifex, @DalaiLama & @JohnKerry to meet with her as well. Subscribe to all Videos YouTube Channel Learn more at

QUOTE: “Leadership Can Look Like This.” SANDRA RUPP

Sandra Rupp is changing the Look & Feel of 21st Century Leadership. Videos have gotten @ExecCareerCoach from #Davos to #Thinkers50 to #CannesLions to #Augusta. To learn more about Sandra’s on camera and interviewing skills visit: and learn more about The Yin & Yang of Leadership Advisory at Davos CEOs Please schedule your Video Appointments with Sandra Rupp at Sandra Rupp’s Channel is on YouTube. Watch on Computer, Mobile or on Smart TV.

Sandra Rupp is a Top Business Thinker & Media Presenter. Placed on the THINKERS50 Guru Radar list from 2011-2013, she is @ExecCareerCoach on Twitter. MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern, studied International Business at Oxford. Prior to her work in Executive Coaching & Global Executive Search, one of her first mentors in business was Al Masini, the Creator of Entertainment Tonight. She dedicates her videos to DM, the #1 Global Digital Agency CEO who helped her create her very first video. Yin/Yang. CLICK TO VIEW DEMO REEL

FAVORITE QUOTE: “All lives have an equal value.” MELINDA GATES

Click to see Sandra’s NEW VIDEO on CANNES CHIMERA here. Videos have gotten her from #Davos to #Thinkers50 to #CannesLions to #Augusta & she is now tackling her biggest challenge ever for The GATES Foundation with a 2013-2014 Cannes Chimera entry.


LEADERS I have now officially entered the Gates Foundation CANNES CHIMERA challenge via Cannes Lions and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I spent all of my September weekends working on it. I am delighted to submit an entry via Parthenon Advisors (inspired by Athena, the helper of heroes & heroines). I look forward to the possibility of working with the CANNES CHIMERA and the GATES FOUNDATION to make poverty a problem of the past. My idea involves eliminating extreme poverty & growing the economy at the same time. I have included a VERY SPECIAL idea for @BillGates @MelindaGates & @WarrenBuffett in my two page proposal. While I can’t reveal the details, I wanted to share this important project with all of you. You can now subscribe on computer, mobile & Smart TV at YouTube Channel and click here to view my favorite video interview of Melinda Gates by CBS.
With warm regards, Sandra Rupp

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Sandra Rupp was placed on the THINKERS50 Guru Radar list for the world’s Top Business Thinkers from 2011-2013. She is an Executive & Media presenter, MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern and studied International Business at Oxford. One of her first mentors in business was Al Masini, the Creator of Entertainment Tonight. She dedicates her videos to Daniel Morel, the #1 Global Digital Agency CEO who helped her create her very first Parthenon video. Yin/Yang. Contact: and Sandra Rupp’s Feminine Leader Voice has had Top Videos on Twitter for #CannesLions #WEF #Davos & #Augusta in 2012 and 2013. In 2011 she stated to World Economic Forum that Investing in & Empowering The Feminine Leadership Style is the largest economic opportunity worldwide. They placed her on the cover of the Davos Debates Video of Selected Entrants. She has also been inspired by Warren Buffett and the late Princess Diana for her Gates Cannes Chimera entry.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything they’ve got.” ~ WALTER CRONKITE

Sandra Rupp was placed on the THINKERS50 Guru Radar list for the world’s Top Business Thinkers from 2011-2013 (thanks to many of you! Yin/Yang). She is an Executive, Media Presenter: @ExecCareerCoach on Twitter & Subscribe on YouTube Channel MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern and studied International Business at Oxford. One of her first mentors in business was Al Masini, the Creator of Entertainment Tonight. Sandra calls her Channel “Conscious Capitalism & Careers meets Entertainment Tonight.”

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LEADERS I have two important things to announce. First I have been very busy the last three weekends working on my CANNES CHIMERA entry for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I am honored to be a part of this challenge around eliminating extreme poverty off the planet by 2030. Did you know there are 1 Billion who still live on less than $1.25 a day? Learn more here by watching one of my favorite interviews of Melinda Gates by CBS. Did you know even in the US a recent study found that 50% of Women in the US fear falling into poverty. The volatility and bubbles in the economy have impacted everyone, and my view is that we need more stability everywhere. On that note, I believe I have a very good answer for The Gates Foundation, Bill, Melinda and Warren Buffett. I hope they will pick my entry (watch more details in my next post). I would love to work with the talented 2013 Cannes Chimera team of Executive & Chief Creative Directors. Indeed Yin + Yang = Feminine + Masculine Leadership = 21st Century Success.

I wanted to also announce that my YouTube Channel is now on SMART TV – just go to YoutubeimagesRVSP now and Subscribe on your computer or mobile device. Just click & subscribe, and I will keep you posted on future developments. Indeed LEADERSHIP CAN LOOK LIKE THIS…STAY TUNED With warm regards, Sandra

Sandra Rupp is delighted to share her THINKERS 50 message for 2013 including highlights of the last two years: Did you know her Myers Briggs Type is a combination of Albert Einstein & Princess Diana?

LEADERS Many of you helped place me on the THINKERS50 GURU RADAR list for the world’s Top Business Thinkers in 2011. From Davos to Augusta to Cannes Lions to NACD and the Conference Board, I have spread the message of “The Yin & Yang of Leadership” ~ Feminine Leadership + Masculine Leadership = 21st Century Success. My videos have been Top Videos on Twitter & YouTube during these events thanks to many of you. I took this honor very seriously and for the last two years have worked diligently on Executive Coaching, Videos, Speaking & Social Media. WHY? Because status quo thinking about Women & Leadership (including books encouraging them to be more like men) is not working & will never work for the majority of women. That is why I have CHOSEN to take my thinking to VIDEOS & Multimedia. Indeed we must invest in women & men for who they are & embrace The Feminine Leadership Style in all its glory. My goal is to change the LOOK & FEEL of LEADERSHIP.

I believe that The Yin & Yang of Leadership is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT additions to Management Thinking in decades. Feminine Leadership + Masculine Leadership = 21st Century Success. I am honored that THINKERS 50 chose me for their Guru Radar list for the world’s top business thinkers from 2011-2013. I am so touched by all your notes & votes. Many thanks to fellow thinkers Don Tapscott, Bill George & Tom Peters for their support in the last two years! Yin + Yang.
With warm regards & gratitude from Sandra Rupp.
Executive Advisor, Media Presenter, Video Ambassadress for Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability & Inclusion

THINKERS50 & Sandra Rupp
Thought Leader: The Yin & Yang of Leadership
The Feminine Leader Voice
The Highly Sensitive Leaders for the 21st Century
“Investing in & Empowering The Feminine Leadership Style is the largest economic opportunity worldwide.”
Sandra Rupp to World Economic Forum, Davos Debates 2011
@ExecCareerCoach on Twitter. Subscribe on YouTube: she has had Top Videos for #WEF #Davos #Augusta #CannesLions in 2012 & 2013

FAVORITE QUOTE: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” ~ His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

LEADERS some of my favorite speakers at Davos this year were Christine Lagarde, Head of the IMF , Drew Faust, the President of Harvard and Viviane Reding of the EU Commission (some of you may remember my Twitter Videos supporting Viviane during the EU debates on #WomenOnBoards). I was impressed with men & women speaking at Davos this year. I was delighted that my first Davos 2013 VIDEO was a TOP VIDEO for #WEF per Eventifier – that’s me the lady in white & pink.  I also was happy to have my THREE KEY VIDEO Questions for CEOs become top VIDEOS on Twitter at once. See my prior posts for my Questions to CEO Martin Sorrell of WPPGroup (Media & Advertising), CEO Michael Corbat of Citigroup (Banking) and CEO Paul Polman of Unilever (Sustainability & Consumer Products). With your views, these videos willbecome Top Videos on YouTube & Google for a search of each CEO (and were already Top Videos on Twitter) .GatesFoundationCannesChimerDAVOS 2013 Resilient Dynamism WRAP UP MESSAGE. @Nouriel @WEF Are you LISTENING? Many thanks to my THINKERS 50 colleagues @DTapscott @Tom_Peters and others for RTing me during Davos. I look forward to achieving my goal of 30%+ Women at Davos. Indeed DAVOS WOMEN are on a roll…. Sandra Rupp is on the THINKERS 50 Guru Radar list for the world’s top business thinkers. She is an Executive Coach, Thought Leader & Advisor on “The Yin & Yang of Leadership,” and a Brand Ambassador for Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability & Inclusion. Media/Contact: Support her with a VOTE in 2015 at

Update: THIS WAS A TOP 10 VIDEO on Twitter for #WEF World Economic Forum per Eventifier. She was also a Top PHOTO on Twitter for search “Davos” and #WEF on Day One and was contacted by International Media.


Sandra Rupp is delighted to share her 1st VIDEO celebrating Davos 2013. The theme for World Economic Forum this year is RESILIENT DYNAMISM. Sandra is on the THINKERS 50 Guru Radar list for the World’s Top Business Thinkers. She is Thought Leader, Speaker, Advisor on “The Yin & Yang of Leadership.” She was a selected entrant in the Davos Debates in 2011. In 2012 her Davos Video Question to World Leaders was #1 in YouTube Votes on the Davos Channel and a Top Video on Twitter all week during World Economic Forum. Contact: Follow her tweets @ExecCareerCoach and find more videos at YouTube Channel CLICK TO VIEW:

NEXT UP: Video Questions to SPECIFIC CEOs: WPP Group, Citigroup and Unilever.



FAVORITE QUOTE: “Great necessities call forth great leaders.” ~ ABIGAIL ADAMS

(Note: This post has been updated with a new video.) As we get ready to cover The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos, I wanted to introduce an important NEW TOPIC: THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE LEADERS : Leaders for the 21st Century. Did you know between 15 and 20% of people have a gene for being Highly Sensitive (HSPs)? For more on that topic check out the wonderful research and book by Dr. Elaine Aron. I am happy to share that I am an HSP. In this video I also discuss the HSS High Sensation Seeker and how some leaders are both HSS and HSP (that makes for a very interesting leader). Now I am currently working on a special video series to introduce the topic of THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE LEADERS, because I have coached and advised many people who fit this profile. Many Highly Sensitive Leaders are introverts on the Myers Briggs Test, however at least 30% are extroverted. They include both men and women. They are often intelligent, intuitive and creative. All are very important to Leadership in the 21st Century. Indeed our very survival will depend upon The HIGHLY SENSITIVE LEADERS. Interestingly they may not fit a 20th century style of Leadership, but they are increasingly leading 21st century companies. Two are my favorite billionaires, and many are the CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Leaders I most admire. It turns out Sensitivity is a good thing in Leaders. STAY TUNED for Davos 2013. The theme this year is RESILIENT DYNAMISM. To achieve this, I believe it will take some Highly Sensitive Leaders to get us through the challenges ahead, and I look forward to working with them this year. For more info on Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Speaking, Videos, Publishers: Please visit my website at For Brand Ambassador work for Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability & Inclusion visit Follow my tweets @ExecCareerCoach and hashtag #DavosWoman. Find more Videos at YouTube Channel Support me with a Vote for me for THINKERS 50 at 

A special Thanksgiving message from Sandra Rupp with gratitude to all of those who have helped her this year. She looks forward to covering the Davos World Economic Forum meetings in this video blog & sharing The Yin & Yang of Leadership with the Advertising & Media industries in 2013. The Davos theme for 2013 is “Resilient Dynamism.” To learn more about Sandra Rupp and The Yin & Yang of Leadership  please visit: Subscribe to all Videos with a YouTube account at: Here is her video message. Sandra Rupp was placed on the THINKERS 50 Guru Radar list for the world’s Top Business Thinkers from 2011-2013. Vote for her in 2015 at

A Special Message for CEOs, Leaders, Americans & the World from @ExecCareerCoach Sandra Rupp for US Election Day. Sandra is a Direct Descendant of Mayflower’s Reverend William Brewster who founded America for Freedom of Speech & Religion.

Follow Sandra on Twitter @ExecCareerCoach #DavosWoman and Subscribe to her YouTube Channel. Learn more at: &

Welcome to The Davos CEO Pledge: Viewers in 168 countries!

Executive Coach & Anchor Sandra Rupp

Female Top Business Thinker was one of the few to forecast Trump in her Thinkers50 video 2015.

Executive Coach Sandra Rupp

FT Alphaville “Introducing the priceless Sandra Rupp”

#DavosWoman 2015

#DavosWoman 2015


Placed on THINKERS 50 Guru Radar List for the world's top business thinkers, Sandra Rupp is an Executive Coach, Advisor, Anchor, Interviewer. Her Videos have been tops for #WEF #Davos #CannesLions and #Augusta. Founder of Parthenon Advisors and Thought Leader on "The Yin & Yang of Leadership." In 2011 she stated to World Economic Forum that "Investing in & Empowering The Femininine Leadership Style the largest economic opportunity worldwide." They placed her on the cover of the Davos Debates Video of Selected Entrants. Sandra's passion is helping people and companies create a brighter 21st century future. With viewers now in 100 countries, she is the Anchor of "The Art of 21st Century Career Navigation." Look for her new Video on Demand and DVD on Amazon. Sandra is @CareerExpert on YouTube. Also connect with her at Sandra has an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern & studied International Business & Art at Oxford. She is an Ambassadress for Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability & Inclusion. Support her with a Vote at

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Sandra Rupp, Executive & Anchor

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Sandra Rupp was placed on the Cover of the Davos Debates Video in 2011. She has been recording Videos ever since.

Sandra Rupp is THE FEMININE LEADER VOICE & aims to get 30% Women & herself to Davos with the help of her Favorite CEOs.

Sandra filmed this Davos Challenge Highlights Video in 2013


Sandra launches Davos Challenge to CEOs to bring 2 lady delegates

Why I Need Paul Polman & Imran Khan to Help Me Get Doves to Davos

Executive Anchor Sandra Rupp

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Sandra Rupp @CareerExpert

Sandra plans to get 30%+ Ladies to DAVOS & is "Rebranding Leadership." Yin + Yang

Cannes Lions SUMMER UPDATE: Sandra Rupp is The Feminine Leader Voice


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World Economic Forum 2011: How Can We Drive Inclusive Growth & Prosperity?

Sandra Rupp in The Davos Debates 2011 Video

Sandra Rupp, DAVOS Selected Finalist- Click to View

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